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Dennis & Karen Regling

Win The Children
Creative Ministry Programs To Share The Gospel

Children's Ministry Programs (Matthew 19:14)
Creative Youth Ministry Programs (Matthew 22:9)
Juvenile Detention Services (Matthew 25:40)
Preaching In The Jails & Prisons (Luke 4:18)
Christian Author & Publisher(Psalm 26:7)
Sending KJV Bibles Into The Prisons (Acts 13:49)

Dr. Dennis C. Regling
Piedmont Christian Ministries
P.O.Box 118; Piedmont, Ohio 43983
Telephone: (740) 658-4336
"Preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him." Acts 28:31

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All Scriptures on these pages, and in literature produced by Piedmont Christian Ministries, are from the King James Bible, AV1611.

Is not my word like...
a HAMMER that breaketh the rock in pieces?

--THE LORD, Jeremiah 23:29

God's Holy Bible busts up every lie.

According to a publication of the "US Center for World Missions", 85% of all people worldwide who decide to accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour, are between 4 and 14 years old.

Other studies observed that: In the US, 90% of all pastors and missionaries got to know the Lord while they were children, and had a responsibility in church while they were children.

The Christian churches lose more children of Christian parents, than they gain new converts by means of evangelistic efforts.

Dennis Regling wrote the book on Children's Ministry.

Karen playing her mountain dulcimer.

Brother Dennis just did something amazing!

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