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"Preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him." Acts 28:31

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About the author:
Dennis Regling is a professional speaker and children's evangelist.
In the past ten years, Dennis has presented over 3000 programs in
churches, schools and camps in 22 states.
Dennis is available for Family Crusades, Vacation Bible School programs and preaching.

52 Weeks Of Gospel Magic

52 Weeks of Gospel Magic

Object Lessons With A Twist
Authored by Dennis Regling

Studies have shown that we remember what we see, more than what we hear. Evangelist Dennis Regling shares 52 unique and memorable object lessons. Perfect for Sunday School Teachers, Vacation Bible Schools and other youth meetings.

Each lesson contains a magic trick or illusion and a lesson, complete with an appropriate scripture memory verse. No special props need to be purchased. Every effect can be done with simple household items.
Children's Ministry Without Compromise

Children's Ministry Without Compromise

Making Ministry Meaningful
Authored by Dennis Regling

Rock-N-Roll music, contemporary Bible versions and entertainment without preaching have filled the children's ministry programs of churches nationwide. Focusing on the child rather than on Jesus Christ has left us with worldly ministries that fail to draw children to Jesus Christ and Godly living.

Author and evangelist Dennis Regling tackles the lie that today's children can only be reached by using the world's music and standards. Learn ways to make children's ministry fun, challenging and relevant while maintaining Godly standards and teaching timeless Bible truths.

Includes FREE BONUS Object Lessons and Gospel Magic Lessons.

Lying Signs & Wonders

Lying Signs & Wonders

The Occult Exposed
Authored by Dennis Regling

Satan's Secrets Exposed.
What is the secret of the occult? Is it power from Satan or mere trickery? Are psychics really in touch with the dead? Are the Ouija Board and Tarot Cards powerful tools or simply magician's props? Are TV preachers really performing miracles or are they just tricksters?

What does the Bible teach about the supernatural?

Author and Evangelist Dennis Regling explores the occult and supposed psychic phenomena to reveal the truth about Satan's Lying Signs & Wonders.

    Ritual Satanic Abuse
    Ouija Boards
    Tarot Cards & Crystal Balls
    Water Dowsing
    Near-Death Experiences
    TV Evangelists
    Voodoo & Curses
    And More

"For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if [it were] possible, even the elect." Mark 13:22

Sermons In Science

Sermons In Science

Gospel Messages Using Chemistry

Author and Evangelist Dennis Regling presents 18 Object Lessons to illustrate the Gospel and other Bible truths.

Using common and safe chemicals, you can reproduce chemical reactions that will captivate audiences of all ages. Combine these effects with well presented Bible truths and you have lessons that will be remembered.

Color changing liquids, traveling flames, slimy goop and many other exciting effects. Illustrate your sermons, or use these for Sunday School or Children's Church messages.

Use the included messages or develop your own.

Six BONUS Object Lessons are also included.

You Can Do Magic

You Can Do Magic

Amaze Your Friends
Authored by Dennis Regling

Yes, you can do magic. Master magician Dennis Regling teaches you 24 different magic tricks you can do with coins, playing cards, paper & pencil, and other household items.

As an added bonus, you will learn to levitate yourself the same way professional street magicians do. No special equipment necessary.

By the time you finish reading this book, you will be making playing cards vanish, reading minds and even using some secret chemistry tricks to create spectacular magical effects.

DVD: Introduction To Balloon Twisting

Introduction To Balloon Twisting DVD
Learn to twist amazing, yet simple balloon animals and other sculptures.
    The different Balloons
    Choosing a Pump
    The Basic Twists
    Basic Hat & Variations
    Lightening Bolt Hat
    Monkey On A Tree
    Teddy Bear


DVD: Advanced Balloon Twisting #1

The Balloon Guy is back with more exciting balloon creations you can make. Learn to twist amazing, yet simple balloon animals and other sculptures. This DVD is for the artist who already knows the basic twists and is ready to move up to slightly more complicated designs using one, two or more balloons.

Learn to twist: a Deer, a Moose, Prissy Poodle, Prancing Pig, Two-Balloon T-Rex, One-Balloon T-Rex, Multi-Colored Rocking Horse, Mosquito Hat and the Fish On A Fishing Pole.

Premier Balloon Artist Dennis Regling takes you step by step through the creation of each of these beautiful creations. The Bumblebee and the Butterfly actually fly above your head. You will soon be twisting balloons for friends and family, at parties and picnics. The professional balloon twister will also find some great new figures to add to their arsenal.

Discover why Dennis Regling is considered the country's best strolling balloon artist. .

DVD: Advanced Balloon Twisting #2

The Balloon Guy is back with more exciting balloon creations you can make. Learn to twist amazing, yet simple balloon animals and other sculptures. This DVD is for the artist who already knows the basic twists and is ready to move up to slightly more complicated designs using one, two or more balloons. Learn to twist: a Butterfly, a Bumblebee, the Fancy Sword, Elephant, Airplane, Saxophone, the Original Air Guitar, Shooting Space Gun, and a Rocketship.

Premier Balloon Artist Dennis Regling takes you step by step through the creation of each of these beautiful creations. The Bumblebee and the Butterfly actually fly above your head.

DVD: Delightfully Twisted Balloon Twisting

Delightfully Twisted Balloon Sculptures by one of the country's best balloon artists. Dennis Regling teaches you how to twist an owl, lovebirds on a swing, a flamingo, a panda bear, a rainbow on a cloud and more in this exciting new DVD. These unique and original creations will get you oohs and aahs. Dennis also discusses integrating balloons into a birthday party show that is fun and easy to book. Then, he gives some insight on twisting balloons in restaurants. This is a great DVD by a working professional.


DVD: Extreme Balloon Hats Twisting

Dennis Regling is back to teach you some of his most popular balloon hat creations.
Amazing balloon creations including:

    the Lion's Head Hat
    Sponge Bobby Hat
    Lightening Bolt Hat
    Fish Hat
    Crazy Crown
    Bicycle Helmet
    Many more.


DVD: Radical Balloon Hats Twisting

The second great DVD of amazing balloon hats including the Pink Flamingo Hat, Duck Hat, Chicken Hat, Tower Hat, King Kong Attacks Hat, Princess Crown, Bucktooth Bunny Hat and many more.

A great little trick that plays big!! As a Gospel Magic Trick or as just a comedy piece, this is an amazing series of optical illusions created with ordinary rope.
Two ropes are shown, one long and one short. But don’t blink because now they’re the same length. Then the two ropes melt together and become one long piece! No replacement ever needed. No magnets. Comes with rope and patter.

As a gospel trick, you can show two ropes of different lengths, telling how we see each other or ourselves as different, maybe we think others are bigger sinners or better people than ourselves, but then the ropes become the same length (and held in separate hands)- explain God sees as as all the same - sinners who need a Saviour. When we trust Jesus, we become one with him as he comes to live in us and the two ropes magically become one long rope.

Also included is a comedy routine with the same optical illusions and a killer closer where you first tie a knot in a rope without letting go of the ends and then, you untie the knot in a very surprising and laugh-provoking style while a volunteer holds the ends.

This is a wonderful rope routine that is a part of most of my shows.


An Amazing Effect Show three pieces of rope. The ends have been marked with colored tape so you can tell them apart. One rope is marked with red tape, one with blue, and one with yellow. The ropes are tied into three separate rings. The three rings are tossed in the air and Presto -- they join together and form one huge ring of rope! The giant ring may be tossed for examination -- they'll find nothing!! This is great visual magic. Or, show 3 small loops and claim you can step through them. Then, the 3 loops magically become one big loop which, yes, you can step through.

GOSPEL MAGIC ROUTINES: this trick is perfect for illustrating the concept of the Trinity - 3 distinctly separate loops yet all part of one inseparable loop. They will remember this one. Or use the 3 loops to represent different areas of our lives: home, school and church, and explain how we should behave the same way in every situation and area of our lives in order to have one good testimony for Christ.

Self-working magic with a big impact. You receive the special ropes and instructions.


RIGHT DECISIONS: mentalism trick: $9.95

An outstanding mentalism trick. I use this with teens a lot. A chart is shown with several pictures. The performer gives a volunteer directions with his back to the chart. The volunteer makes a number of decisions, which way to move, up or down, back or forth, unobserved by the performer, but the audience gets to watch. Slowly, spaces are eliminated until the volunteer ends up on the picture of the cross. A lot of suspense as the performer decides which spaces to eliminate sight unseen.

A great illustration of how there are many decisions in our lives that are not right or wrong, but as long as we follow God's directions in making decisions, we will always end up where he wants us. Jeremiah 29:11 (KJV)

You will receive a small chart you can easily reproduce on a chalkboard or dry-erase board, directions, and performance ideas. Packs small, plays big


GROUP INFLUENCE: mentalism trick: $29.95

A mentalism effect you do with the entire audience.You demonstrate your uncanny ability to influence everyone's thinking bringing them all to the same conclusion.
The audience members are asked to mentally select from a number of animals. They then are shown 5 cards, each with a different letter on its face. They locate a card with a letter that is in their animal choice and concentrate on that card. At this point audience members will be looking at different cards. Through a short series of directions, it is revealed that every audience member finishes thinking of the same card.
I use this to illustrate how easy it is to be manipulated by false logic. As Christians, we must follow not the wisdom of the world, but the word of God.
1 Corinthians 2:6-7 Howbeit we speak wisdom among them that are perfect: yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world, that come to nought: But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory.


DVD: Mentalism for the Gospel Magician: $19.95

Performance and explanation.
The Gospel Magician is always popular with the under 12 set, and adults find the programs entertaining and challenging.
But what to do with the 13-17 year old crowd that finds "magic tricks" boring? That are just too cool for that sort of thing?
Mentalism creates an interesting new style for the Gospel Magician. Teens are fascinated and challenged by the effects and when you add a challenging message, it makes for an evening of Gospel Magic that touches everyone.
Do you want to be able to offer something new and exciting to the churches you perform at? Something for the teens that will make your teen meetings stand-out and be the talk of the town for weeks? Want to be invited back time after time?
On this video, you will witness an entire hour long show performed and preached before real teens. You will see the mental effects performed, the audience reaction, and you will see how mentalism can be used to demonstrate Bible truths.
Professional Gospel Magician Denn!s Regling performs and also teaches you some of the basics of performing mentalism in a church setting. This is a "homemade video." What it lacks in production quality, it makes up for in content.

DVD: 18 Gospel Magic Tricks $19.95

A variety of tricks with common household items.
Complete with ideas for spiritual applications. Great for the Gospel magician or the Sunday school teacher that wants to learn and use some magical object lessons.

the Magic Rope: 6 rope tricks including

the "Eye of the Needle"
Rope Thru Neck
Bad Habits - Rope escape
Rope Thru Thumb Penetration
Professor's Nightmare - unequal ropes
Devil's Handcuffs

  • Balancing Forks
  • Jumping Spoons
  • Ticket to Heaven paper tear routine
  • Laser Cut Banana
  • Heads or Tails - regular coin always lands heads up
  • Coin Puzzles - 2 lessons with coins
  • How To Shoot A Rubber Band with Gospel application
  • Thick Water Thick Air
  • Two Card Monte Bullseye - the power of prayer with a dollar and card
  • Pick A Card - easy to make card rack - prediction
  • Pick A Coin Prediction
  • Pennies From Heaven
  • Cut-N-Restore Balloon
  • Disappearing Coin and easy to build prop
  • How to Make a Paper Airplane
    A great video with lots of great ideas. Each effect has a Bible application.
    Be a Gospel Magician.

"...give them warning from me."

Ezekiel 3:17

All Scriptures on these pages, and in literature produced by Piedmont Christian Ministries, are from the King James Bible, AV1611.


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