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Dr. Dennis C. Regling
Piedmont Christian Ministries
P.O.Box 118; Piedmont, Ohio 43983
Telephone: (740) 658-4336
"Preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him." Acts 28:31

The family is the first unit that God created, right after He created Adam, and well before government or even church.

Unfortunately, the family is under attack in this country by the devil, the government and even by some churches. Many churches will advertise themselves as a place for the whole family, but then as soon as the family comes, they separate them. The parents go to the sanctuary, the teens to teen meetings, the children to children's church and the tots to the nursery.

I believe church time is family time. There are times to separate into age or gender appropriate groups, but there is also a need to sit together under the preaching of the word of God.

Next time you are planning a revival meeting, pray about bringing in the Reglings. All ages will not only enjoy "quality time" together, but they will experience the preaching of God's word. Brother Dennis may present a few amazing illusions while teaching simple lessons that children understand and the teens and adults enjoy. Sister Karen will play her mountain dulcimer. There may be a puppet or two, some action songs that young and old enjoy, and maybe even a fun skit involving several of your church members.

The highlight of each evening is when Brother Dennis opens the Bible and preaches God's Holy Word. Interesting stories and illustrations create understanding for all ages while the words of the Bible challenge the believer and lifts up Jesus. The preaching of the Word of God is the purpose of the meeting. When the hearts of the family is broken by God's word, they are mended together. Strong families are created by strong preaching and scriptural teaching.

It is our prayer that God will use our ministry to draw families closer to him and closer to each other.



All Scriptures on these pages, and in literature produced by Piedmont Christian Ministries, are from the King James Bible, AV1611.

Is not my word like...
a HAMMER that breaketh the rock in pieces?

--THE LORD, Jeremiah 23:29


God's Holy Bible busts up every lie.


Dennis Regling wrote the book on Children's Ministry.

Karen playing her mountain dulcimer.

Brother Dennis just did something amazing!

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