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First Things First!

You probably know what an experiment is. When a scientist experiments, he or she tries to discover a new fact or idea. Sometimes they may try to prove something people already know or think they know. An idea that is believed to be true without having been tested is called a hypothesis. Scientists test hypotheses to see if they are really true. A chemist is a scientist who experiments with liquids, solids, and gases. When a liquid or solid is combined with another solid or liquid, a change may take place. This is called a chemical reaction.On this website, you will find many experiments that can be done with items that are easily found around the house or at the store. Just remember: a scientist watches his or her work carefully and thinks about what they are doing. Scientists do not trust their memories, so be sure to record your experiments in a notebook. Describe what you have done and what you observe. Before making up your mind or reaching a conclusion about an experiment, be sure about your observations. Be sure to consult with an adult first before performing any experiment.Experiments
WARNING: A responsible adult should supervise any young reader who conducts these experiments to avoid potential dangers and injuries. The author has conducted every experiment and has made every reasonable effort to ensure that the experiments are safe when conducted as instructed; however, the author does not assume any liability for damage caused or injury sustained from conducting these projects.

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