“Fabulous New Show Turns Family Fun
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The Illusionary Magic of DENNIS REGLING is 100% Squeaky-Clean Family Fun!

DENNIS REGLING has amazed audiences all over the USA with his awesome illusions.
High Energy Magic, Hysterical Comedy, Audience Interaction and Upbeat Pop Music GUARANTEE an awesome show for adults and kids alike.

"Not your typical magician, DENNIS REGLING has perfectly blended magic with his unique comic style to create a family show for all ages."

Fundraising can be filled with hassles and heachaches. This is why DENNIS REGLING should be YOUR FUNDRAISING CHOICE.

With our program, all hassles and headaches are gone. We supply you with our truly awesome DENNIS REGLING Fundraising Made E-Z Project Kit that includes EVERYTHING YOU NEED to rake in the big bucks for your group. Templates for ads, programs, posters, press releases, flyers, tickets and more are given to you.

Also included is the Dennis Regling Fundraising Made E-Z Manual. This book is the lifeline for your project and truly drives it home. We will walk you through the fundraising process from your first committee meeting to the day of the show. 90% of your work is taken care of.

As a family entertainer, I've been "making magic" across the midwest at over 750 schools, libraries, churches, camps and auditoriums. My fundraising program will raise thousands of dollars for your school or community organization. Along the way, I've discovered the real secrets to putting on a hugely successful event that not only puts smiles on kids faces, but guarantees to make a ton of money for the group that sponsors the performance.

You see, I've developed a step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks fundraising system that takes care of everything, so you can relax and enjoy the show ... and put money in the bank.

This fun-filled family event puts wonder, amazement and smiles on kids faces. It'll make your group look really terrific in your community, plus give you the opportunity to put BIG BUCKS in the bank. Never before has raising money for your cause been so effortless!


Want to find out exactly how this program can turn family fun into thousands of dollars for your group? Just have a look around the site, and contact us for information on programs available for your area. Very small organizations can make as much as larger organizations. Effectiveness of the show and profits earned is not determined by your group’s size.

More importantly, there is NO RISK when booking this program! It's even guaranteed. Never before has raising money for your cause been so effortless!
Are you tired of selling candy bars, candles, and cookie dough? Catching a chill from too many car washes?

Call us now -- 800-858-5402- to receive more information on how this program can literally make your group's dream... a reality!

"All magicians and all magic shows are NOT the same. Book a true professional and rest assured your group will have an event like no other!"