Dennis Regling and Company’s Family Show: The Abracadabra Comedy Magic Show™.

Amazing illusions, wonderful magical effects, comedy and lots of audience participation make for 90 minutes of fun.

Who will we saw in half? Whose head goes in the guillo- tine? Could be your group’s leaders, the school principal, or a local celebrity. You decide. Sell 200 tickets for $8.00 each and earn $1600 plus for your group. Add an ice cream social and make another $3.00 per person.

$1600 plus ... Potential For Your Group.
Here's how this family magic event works to raise you a pile of money

The Amazing DENNIS REGLING Fundraising Made E-Z PROJECT KIT That Instantly Adds A Ton Of Extra Moneymaking Opportunities - To Your Event

 You'll receive a valuable marketing tool kit - developed during over 30 years of presenting Magical Fundraising Events - that's been field-tested and proven time and time again to raise thousands of dollars for community groups of all kinds.

This fabulous Project Kit contains everything you'll need for a smashingly successful event

Promotional materials, flyers, tickets, posters, press releases, announcements (and many more advertising tools)

Step by Step Plana complete fill-in-the-blanks guide that leads you through the event easily and with complete confidence

Piggyback Fundraisers sure-fire strategies for wringing a ton of extra dollars out of your next event ( earning you many times more than you ever dreamed possible!)

Easy-To-Add Piggyback Fundraisers

Raise Thousands Of Dollars
With This Event

 The GUARANTEED Project Kit you’ll receive provides all the tools for ensuring a sell-out event ... easily delivering you thousands of dollars through ticket and beverage sales alone! Just think how much MORE money is ready for the taking just by adding some of these powerful strategies …

ð Concession Sales

ð Show Program

ð Fantasy Auction

ð Door Prize Raffle

ð 50/50 Draw

ð VIP Pass

ð Corporate Sponsorship

The Magic Fundraising Project Kit gives you all the tools you need to take full advantage of these extra-revenue sources (and others) … making this event easily capable of RAISING UP TO $3,000 OR MORE FOR YOUR GROUP!!!

Never Held A Family Show Before?

 No problem! We’ll not only bring the entertainment, we’ll send you our complete Dennis Regling Fundraising Made E-Z Manual that comes to your rescue and shows you exactly how to run the event, step-by-step.!

You’ll discover all the secrets to a super-successful event, including

Proven Strategies For Running
A Super-Successful
Fundraising Event

Ø How and where to advertise

Ø How to price and sell tickets

Ø Pitfalls and how to avoid them

Ø Amazing strategies for SELLING OUT your event

You also receive our field-tested “Piggyback Fundraisers” proven to raise you thousands of extra dollars from this type of event!

What’s more - the entire Magic Fundraising program is guaranteed!

That’s right - by following the simple steps outlined in our Project Guide Manual you’re assured of success, backed up by our Triple Guarantee:

YES!- You Really Can Raise Up To $5,000.00! With This Event


 *You get all the tools and information you need to easily add this and more to your bank account.

(By the way by simply following our GUARANTEED Project Kit step-by-step success plan, you'll have raised many times your investment well before DENNIS REGLING'S FUNDRAISING MAGIC even gets to town!!)

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"All magicians and all magic shows are NOT the same. Book a true professional and rest assured your group will have an event like no other!"